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There’s no perfect place, they say. Well, true enough there is none. But
remember, you always have the power to make one.

However rocky the roads are, however thick the fog is, behind the tough
journey is a paradise per se. Behind the heavy pathway is a little heaven — it’s me, a
home to seamless beauty, creativity, and culture.

From my roaring mountains and cradling winds to my vibrant people and rich
tradition, there’s no doubt that I, such a place, exists. Anything you want to talk

Nature? I will offer you my peaks and breeze. History? I will bring you to my
Camp John Hay and Tam-awan Village. Festivals? I will serve you my Panagbenga,
iBagiw, and Saleng. Food? I will take you to my Good Taste and Farmer’s Daughter.
Coffee? My Foam Coffee and Beanstalk are waiting for you. Architecture? I will let
you enjoy Burnham and Igorot Stone Kingdom. Crafts? I will provide you with my
Easter Weaving and Pilak Silver Crafts. Folk arts? I will lead you to BenCab and
Pugad Ni Art. Fun? I will locate you to my Session Road Sunday Pedestrianization or
if not, I will take you to Wright Park and just enjoy horseback riding. Shopping?…
Souvenir shops are everywhere, not to mention SM, Tiongsan, Centermall and
among others. Night life? I have my legendary “The Camp” and Curfew.

You see? Right, left, up, or down, from here and there — everything, but not
limited to the above-mentioned, is here. Imagine walking into a place where almost
everything you need is surprisingly of your reach. As perfect as I may seem, but
what are these if there is no one to enjoy? What’s a mansion when no one’s home?
This therefore is a letter of invitation. To you who’s reading this. I want you to
know that there’s an ‘almost-perfect’ realm in the mountains that awaits your
presence. You are welcome to make your own perfect place with me. I am writing
this because without you, I cannot be perfect.

My good friend, (yo)U are my missing piece.

Contributed by: Mr. Abel Tolentino (University of Baguio)

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