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Either Death or Discipline

Breathe. Heaven is a place on earth!

Wonderfully located in the northern mountains of the Philippines lies the sweetest melody of
nature. The roads might shake your way through; the heights might pull your guts… but as they say,
difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

The mystifying City of Baguio is undeniably a desired destination among
tourists as it offers not only its relaxing hills, picturesque mountain views, or ideal weather, but it also
presents its uniquely rich culture. Homed by one-of-a-kind attractions, famous parks, unparalleled crafts
and folk arts, these amazing clusters are real proof that there is a real life promiseland… a heaven that
needs protection.

Upon entering the paradise, the first thing you should remember is the power of discipline. Baguio
as a small and cultural area that is visited by thousands of travelers, needs heavy security, conservation,
and love from visitors. Because it is only this time that you are gifted with a place that offers you almost
everything, thus, it implies protecting it. Just like how you take good care of the presents that are offered
to you, you must also shield nature’s finest bonus.

Well, undeniably, heaven needs angels. In other words, Baguio needs individuals that shall protect
its health and beauty. And who else could these be, but you, the tourists.
Along with the locals, you are also the real life angels of Baguio that are responsible for conserving
its entirety. With this, actions like not throwing wastes, not picking plants, not making fun of the people
around, and the like speak volume on how you embody your obligations as the angels of the place.
Respecting the culture in the place is also an extreme necessity. At the end of the day, travelers must learn from the cultures of the place, not change it.

As Baguio therefore requires to be fed with utmost environmental and cultural preservation, the
travelers must provide accordingly. Because eventually, if you do not satisfy the cravings of the kingdom,
it shall lead to hunger… deterioration.

True enough that heaven is a place on earth. Baguio is just in the Philippines.
However, the city can never be a paradise without the help of the tourists. This is because their roles are
considered as potent fuels to run the sustainability of Baguio. Thus, you must bear in mind that as one of
these people, your cooperation maintains the pristine premises of the so-called heaven.

Interestingly, just like the typical requirement of entering heaven, the only condition to witness the
realms of Baguio is to be a good visitor. Because certainly, it takes no coin to afford discipline in traveling.
Henceforth, there are two ways to experience the wonders of heaven. One is that sadly, you have to
die first. However, take a deep breath, because on the other hand … you just have to be disciplined.

Take a bold note that Baguio, a living heaven on earth, only needs you to be good!

Contributed by:

Abel Tolentino (University of Baguio)

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