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Lindi Hotel

Lindi Hotel is located just minutes away from the Central Business District and Burnham Park, one of the most visited tourist spot here in Baguio. With clean and comfortable rooms, spacious parking lot and Wi-Fi access, why not try spending a night here with us?

We’ll make sure that you’re satisfied and recharged for tomorrow’s adventure! Our Rooms are very affordable! It ranges from Php 1,980.00 (good for 2 persons) to Php 3,980 (good for 4 persons/a small family)

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Tiong San

Come and visit one of the retail anchors of picturesque Baguio City, and the bustling farmer’s town of La Trinidad.

Shop, save, savor, and more as you find the freshest and tastiest selections in our supermarket shelves, as well as the latest and most interesting finds in our department store racks and showcases.

Find food, fashion, home decors, appliances, gadgets, and everything and anything you can imagine, all at the most affordable prices around. Experience homegrown customer service with smiles as bright and colorful as the sunflowers our towns are known for.

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